Selling to SMBs in 2017

Get key insights on how best to engage to sell to SMBs.

How do small and medium businesses (SMBs) want to be sold to? Where do they first learn about products and services, where in the purchase process do they want to engage with a salesperson, and what kind of content and resources do they review at each stage of the buying cycle?

To answer these questions – and to help you sell more effectively to SMBs – we recently surveyed 315 U.S. SMB principals. The results are instructive; there are some great learnings on which content formats to use at different points in the sales cycle, when to have a salesperson make contact, and how best to stay in touch with warm prospects and with customers.

In this new report from Bredin, the SMB marketing experts, you’ll find unique insights on:

  • The SMB business outlook
  • 2016 SMB business outlook
  • Critical role that peers play in awareness, research and the final purchase decision
  • Tactics that work best to make SMBs aware of your offerings
  • Tools SMBs use to research products and services for their business
  • Ways that SMBs make a final purchase decision
  • Role that SMBs want a salesperson to play in the sales process
  • Ways (and timing) that SMBs want to hear from you before they’re ready to buy

You’ll also get detail on how SMBs vary in their preferences by respondent age and gender; as well as company size, age, growth rate, industry and region.

For only $750, you get

  • The full report
  • Plus an individual walk-through by Bredin CEO Stu Richards

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