Your Guide to SMBs

We help clients develop profitable, long-term relationships with SMBs. Bredin provides the critical SMB market research necessary to build effective sales and marketing strategies, and then implements those strategies through award-winning outreach programs. Bredin gets you better results faster.

Celebrating Two Decades of Being Different. In a world where noise and chatter are the norm, it's good to be different. At Bredin, we focus on connecting Fortune 500 companies with SMBs through research programs that deliver unique, actionable insights into the mindset of your SMB audience. Then we apply that knowledge to develop creative, effective outreach programs that engage, motivate and retain SMB customers.

When you need to reach SMB customers, reach out to Bredin for:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Award-winning content and social media campaigns
  • Lead generation programs
  • Sales support initiatives