Content Marketing to SMBs

How does marketing content affect small and mid-sized business (SMB) visits to your site, their likelihood to buy and their perception of your brand? What business challenges do SMBs seek help with? What topics are SMBs most interested in learning about? What content formats do they want from marketers? From whom do they most want

Selling Telecoms Services to SMBs

SMBs are feeling pretty optimistic – and that translates into plans to invest in telecommunications services, whether to improve Internet access speed or upgrade a phone system. SMBs understand what being connected means to their business. To find out how you can take advantage of SMB interest in your offerings, we recently surveyed over 700

New Research: Selling to SMBs

How do small and medium businesses (SMBs) want to be sold to? Where do they first learn about products and services, where in the purchase process do they want to engage with a salesperson, and what kind of content and resources do they review at each stage of the buying cycle? To answer these questions

Top 10 SMB Resource Centers

Ranking Online Resource Centers: SMBs’ Top 10 Online resource centers — sections of a company’s website with product information and tips and tools — are go-tos for SMBs who are considering product purchases or seeking solutions to business challenges. More than 7 in 10 SMBs resource center visits are for these purposes, our latest survey