Bredin Report: Why SMB marketers love interactive tools

New Bredin research shows that interactive tools are now the second-most popular content format for SMBs to get business management advice, after email newsletters. Interactive tools connect with SMBs at every stage of the sales cycle.

Interactive tools can help you:

Build your brand

Interactive tools can enhance SMB perception of your brand – and that can translate into purchase intent. 57% of SMBs think more favorably of a brand that provides interactive tools.

Close sales

Interactive tools aren’t just quizzes and self-assessments. They can help an SMB calculate the benefits of your product or service to their business, and determine the right solution to buy. That’s why 47% of SMBs say interactive tools make them more likely to become a customer of the tool sponsor. And 16% of SMBS (including 46% of Millennial SMB principals) say they have actually made a purchase specifically because of their experience with an interactive tool.

Boost retention

Interactive tools can also increase your customer satisfaction – whether it’s with customized business management advice or tailored tips on getting the most out of your offerings. As a result, 56% of SMBs say that interactive tools make them more likely to remain a customer of a tool sponsor.

Want to use this powerful sales tool?

Bredin can help. We focus exclusively on helping clients create powerful content to build relationships with SMBs. With our finger on the pulse of what matters to SMBs, we create award-winning interactive tools (and other content).

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About Bredin

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