Bredin Report: What SMBs want in the content you create

The only way to develop a high-ROI SMB content marketing strategy in 2019 is to focus on the content preferences of your specific target – for example, by headcount, revenue, seats or other measure – and zero in on the point in the sales cycle you plan to deliver the content.

These tips from Bredin’s content strategists can help you create an engaging content plan for the coming year:

Business challenge content is king

SMBs read content that provides information on the obstacles they face. A solid content strategy should focus on a few business challenges you can solve with your product or service. Top SMB concerns as of December 2018 include: finding more customers, keeping customers happy, maintaining healthy cash flow, staying current with technology, increasing efficiency/competitiveness and security.

Preferences change as businesses grow

SMB content topic preferences shift when head count increases. For example, Bredin research found that SMB focus on technology topics shoots up right along with company growth. “Technology,” as an area of content focus from banks, ranks 6th for businesses with 19 or fewer employees. Companies with 100 or more employees place technology topics first, even when you are asking about content coming from a bank.

Best format depends on funnel stage

Are you targeting SMBs at the awareness, research or purchase stage of the sales cycle? The answer to this and the size of business you are targeting should shape your format choice.
Here is a glimpse of what SMBs told us when we asked them recently how they learn about products and services:

  • At almost every stage and across every size of company, the product section and resources section of a vendor’s website and email newsletter top the list.
  • At the awareness stage, companies with 19 or fewer employees and 20-99 employees favor a mix of content that includes email newsletters, blogs, e-books and research reports. Research reports, webinars and case studies are top picks for companies with 100 or more employees.
  • At the research and purchase stage, email newsletters, webcasts, white papers and product videos rank high.

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