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Banking and Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennials are an endlessly interesting subject, given the size of the roughly 18-35 year old generation (at roughly 80 million, larger than the Baby Boom generation), their diversity, educational attainment (and resulting debt burden), comfort level with technology, lack of brand loyalty, and on and on. Millennial entrepreneurs are especially intriguing, particularly since they are

Content for Your SMB Sales Team

One of the key roles of an SMB marketing team is to develop effective content for their sales counterparts, from content to drive awareness and leads through nurture materials to product collateral and configurators. A key challenge, though, is determining which pieces are most effective for the key stages of the sales cycle. These tips can

The Content “Halo Effect”

What is the effect on SMBs of your content marketing? Does it simply drive awareness or leads, or can it go deeper? To answer this question, we recently surveyed over 500 U.S. SMB principals on what content marketing can motivate them to do, or how it can change the way they think about your brand. The

What Makes Content Effective?

One of the biggest challenges in engaging small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) via content marketing is determining how to make your content compelling. To find out what SMBs want from your content, we recently surveyed over 500 U.S. SMB principals on their content preferences. The learnings might help you improve your SMB content marketing and

Developing an SMB Content Marketing Strategy

According to a recent Adobe survey, content marketing is CMOs’ highest marketing priority this year (tied with social media), and the “single most exciting opportunity” for most B2B CMOs. Small and medium business (SMB) owners are particularly good candidates for content marketing, since they have high needs – and look to vendors like you – for