We Are SMB

For more than 20 years, Bredin has served as the bridge between the Fortune 500 and SMBs. We understand the entrepreneurial spirit because that's what drives us every day. We focus exclusively on the SMB market to uncover the insights that large companies need to know to effectively engage and retain small and medium business customers. If you want to know what SMBs are thinking, talk to Bredin.

Information You Can Use. An answer isn't the end to a question, it's a beginning. At Bredin, we turn answers into actionable information that your business can use to effectively market to small and medium business customers. For over 20 years, Fortune 500 companies have turned to Bredin for original research and analysis that deliver a unique, competitive advantage in the SMB market. Contact us to learn more.

New research: SMB Purchase Intent and Contact Preferences: What do small and mid-sized business (SMBs) plan to purchase, or to do, in the next 18 months? What would they do with extra cash? How long does the purchase process take for different product categories? How do SMBs want marketers like you to contact them to make a sale? How do SMBs promote themselves, and what tactics work best? To answer these questions — and many more — we recently surveyed 325 U.S. SMB principals.