When is the last time you spoke with small business owners?

Many of our clients tell us that they want easy access to small and midsized business owners, but don’t have the time or budget for traditional live or online focus groups.

Bredin can help. The Bredin Voice of Small Business is an hour-long conference call with six U.S. small business owners (up to 100 employees), custom-recruited by size, industry, location and other criteria that you specify. Think of it as a phone focus group. You can ask questions directly of participants to get invaluable firsthand insight into their needs, preferences, concerns and attitudes.

Why use the Bredin Voice of Small Business?

Marketers use the Bredin Voice of Small Business to get quick, easy and inexpensive access to their SMB customers or prospects. Clients have used it to:

  • Explore new product and service offerings
  • Generate ideas for content marketing
  • Get reactions to new marketing or advertising initiatives, including reactions to messaging and creative
  • Discuss pricing, partnerships, promotions, purchase intent, customer satisfaction, loyalty and other aspects of the vendor relationship
  • Obtain competitive insight
  • Walk through site mockups or new online services
  • Obtain insight into the general SMB outlook

How it works

The goal of the Bredin Voice of Small Business is simple: to give you fast, easy and affordable insight into your SMB audience. You give us your participant specifications, and we recruit the participants and schedule the call. You get:

  • Just the kind of participants you specify
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Assistance developing the discussion guide, as needed
  • If scheduled on a recurring basis, new respondents for each call
  • Optional moderation, online engagement, transcripts and reports
  • Fast, affordable qualitative insight with no travel, facility or food fees

Pricing and timing

One Voice of Small Business call is $7,500, plus incentives. Repeat calls are discounted. Your first call can be scheduled in as little as three weeks.

Want to find out more? Just send us an email.

If you need quick quantitative insights, check out the Bredin SMB Pulse for information about our shared-cost SMB survey program.