Actionable B2B insight

Bredin brings over 20 years of exclusive focus on the small and mid-sized business (SMB) segment to help clients gain high-value, actionable insight. Bredin's research helps clients:

  • Understand SMB needs, priorities and business challenges
  • Identify the highest potential segments to target
  • Optimize messaging/positioning
  • Determine usage/satisfaction/Net Promoter Score®
  • Develop personas
  • Understand the buyer journey
  • Gain insight into purchase intent and preferences
  • Prioritize product features
  • Assess brand awareness and perception
  • Generate data for use in content, social, PR or collateral programs

High-value research

Bredin conducts:

Quantitative market research and advanced statistical analyses to assess customer or prospect needs, attitudes, preferences and behaviors; identify key market segments and personas; clarify competitive positioning; and provide other key market insights. Bredin B2B market research offerings include:

Qualitative market research through one-on-one conversations or in-person and online focus groups to obtain a real-world understanding of SMB preferences, motivations and drivers. Bredin B2B market research offerings include:

  • Workshops
  • Live/online focus groups
  • In-depth interviews

Targeted approach

Bredin can survey the precise audience you want by:

  • Role: BDM or functional head
  • Level: C-suite to sole contributor
  • Geo: Metro area to worldwide
  • Industry: Two to six-digit NAICS level
  • Size: Headcount or revenue
  • Other qualifiers: Usage, purchase intent, etc.

Expert support

Bredin's skilled team will plan and run your project, and include your team at key junctures.

In a typical market research project, Bredin supports your team by:

  • Recommending research modalities that work best to achieve your strategic goals
  • Developing a questionnaire that resonates with the target and delivers on your strategic goals
  • Procuring and managing the highest quality panel of respondents to meet your specifications
  • Coding and hosting the survey, ensuring the survey logic works properly
  • Fielding the research, monitoring responses carefully for quality assurance
  • Analyzing the data, including significance testing between key subgroups
  • Creating and presenting an actionable PPT presentation to share with your team in real time


Full custom research

  • Telecoms solution usage: Surveyed 500 U.S. SMBs on their telecoms solution, satisfaction and purchase influencers
  • Best practices for channel sales: For a leading software vendor, Bredin surveyed 1,700 SMBs and 1,400 partners worldwide to determine how partners sell cloud software most effectively to SMBs
  • Industry challenges and influencer awareness: For a major application software vendor, Bredin surveyed 1,100 SMB IT decision-makers to determine specific business and technology challenges in key verticals, as well as the awareness and impact of different influencers
  • Bundled software message testing: For a global software developer, we surveyed 800 SMBs to understand business and security challenges, and reactions to different messages
  • Credit usage: For a leading credit card issuer, we surveyed 500 SMBs on their attitudes toward and usage of credit tools
  • Business management challenges: For a leading accounting software developer, we surveyed 600 SMBs on their usage of and satisfaction with their accounting solutions

Custom research for content

  • Financial services lead-gen guide: Surveyed U.S. businesses to gather data analytics best practices insight for use in gated content
  • Security challenges for visibility initiative: Surveyed U.S. SMBs on their security issues and the costs of security incidents. Data was used to create advice-based e-books, infographics and guides
  • Cloud services benefit data for thought leadership and lead gen: Gathered compelling data for use in company whitepapers, e-books, social promotion and other content

SMB Pulse omnibus

  • SMB aspiration tracking: Supported lender in improving its understanding of SMBs' current state and future growth
  • B2B COVID-19 plans: Conducted a series of SMB surveys tracking attitudes toward pandemic conditions and tactics for post-pandemic growth management
  • Lender perception tracking: Gained insight into SMB attitudes toward lending tools and services, spending plans and financial priorities