Standing Out on Social Media with SMBs

Social media is an ongoing challenge for marketers trying to reach SMBs. Creating a steady stream of content that conveys a brand’s personality and engages with SMB business decision makers is not easy.

The reward, however, can be big: in a recent Bredin survey, more than a third of SMBs report buying from a company based on their social media content.

If you missed our June 29th webcast based on that survey, “Using Social Media to Reach SMBs,” and would like to schedule a recap, please get in touch and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

In that survey, we investigated what marketers can do to make their social media content stand out for SMBs. We also looked at how to turn this attention in to a sale. The answer: quality content focused on business pain points.

A chart indicating the top-valued elements of vendor social media, showing strong preference for traditional strengths of quality content.

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With its seeming demand for speed, social media can lead a marketer to rush posts and spend less time on social copy than other content output. The reality is that each word of a social post needs to work harder than copy in almost any other content you create. You have a fewer number of words to communicate the relevance and quality that SMBs seek.

Other data in our survey supports this. SMB principals use social media for their business in a relatively focused way. They’re not at all averse to fun, often using social media while seeking a break, but they also repeatedly told us that they seek value, relevance and high-quality in social copy from marketers.

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