Bredin earns spot in “Top 20 Content Marketing Agencies Report”

Bredin has been recognized as a leading content marketing agency as part of Agency Spotter’s recent Top 20 Content Marketing Agencies Report. The report is based on evaluations of more than 330 agencies around the world.

We are honored by the recognition, which led us to consider how we’ve become a valuable resource to our customers.

“Our clients often remark that we make their lives easier,” says Alice Bredin, company president and founder.

Bredin says that the layers of strategists, writers, editors and proofreaders in place at the company ensure that copy is client-ready when it is delivered and effective in reaching project goals.

The approach that serves clients well:

  • The Bredin team’s deep journalism experience leads us to craft narrow content angles that result in good first drafts and easier edits.
  • Projects start with a pair of “pilot” pieces of content that we refine until they hit the client’s mark and can serve as a model for future content creation.
  • All copy is reviewed by the writer, editor, executive editor and proofreaders and is overseen by senior management to guarantee best-in-class work and the delivery of content that’s ready to publish and achieve or exceed the client’s goals.
  • Bredin offers a unique and informed perspective by conducting original research that raises clients’ content visibility.
  • Ongoing Bredin research keeps our team’s finger on the pulse of what works in content marketing to SMBs.

If you’d like to work with a content agency whose clients are getting the highest-quality content for their SMB audiences, we’d be delighted to speak with you.

About Bredin

Bredin was founded in 1991 by America's foremost small business expert, author and syndicated columnist Alice Bredin. From its beginning, Bredin was designed to be a breed apart: 50% research consultancy, 50% creative agency, 100% focused on SMB. Based in Somerville, Mass., Bredin helps Fortune 500 companies understand, reach and retain SMB customers through timely, targeted research and award-winning marketing programs.