Bredin Report: Video for SMBs – Marketing by the numbers

As video plays an ever-more important role in all types of marketing, we wanted to know what SMBs preferred when watching online videos. To find out, we surveyed 503 U.S. SMBs. The full results are covered in our webcast “Videos, Podcasts, and the SMB Buyer” but here are a few of the insights we picked up:

Keep it brief

32% of SMBs want business management videos to be four or five minutes long, 25% prefer one to three minutes and 21% prefer six to 10 minutes. The only SMBs who want videos longer than 10 minutes are those in business fewer than four years, and those anticipating 10% or higher growth in 2018.

Keep it focused

SMBs are most interested in videos relevant to their own industry (45%), followed by sales and marketing (32%) and technology (25%). The most important characteristics of a video are interesting topics (62%) and the quality of the advice/information (61%).

Keep it useful

In terms of format, SMBs most prefer demos and conversations with experts (tied at 36%), followed by testimonials from customers and fellow business owners (30%).

In our webcast, you’ll also learn:

  • What kinds of SMBs are most likely to watch videos
  • The sites on which SMBs are most likely to watch video
  • The devices they’re most likely to use to watch video
  • How likely they are to watch a company’s homepage video when first evaluating a vendor

Watch the webcast today (originally recorded on March 22) to get valuable insights you can use right away to improve your podcast and video development—and your content marketing ROI.

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