Bredin Report: Who’s listening to podcasts? It turns out, a lot of SMBs

Podcasts are surprisingly popular among SMBs with more than five employees. Of them, more than half listen to podcasts—and the larger the company, the more likely they are to tune in.

Among those who listen to podcasts, 39% listen at least weekly, and 26% daily. Millennials are the most frequent listeners, with 46% listening daily.

Who is the SMB podcast listener?

Podcast listenership varies widely among SMBs:

  • Principals of businesses with 100 to 500 employees listen to podcasts: 72%
  • Principals of businesses with revenues over $5 million: 68%
  • Millennials: 53%
  • Principals of businesses in professional services: 46%

Learn more about engaging SMBs with podcasts from our webcast Videos, Podcasts, and the SMB Buyer originally recorded on March 22.

What types of podcasts do SMBs listen to?

SMBs prefer podcasts on the topic of business and finance, with 63% of the SMB podcast audience actively searching for such shows, 52% regularly listening to them and 41% subscribing to them.

Within that category, SMBs rank technology and leadership/management first (34%), followed by industry-specific news (29%) and financial planning and management (28%).

After business and finance podcasts, SMBs are most likely to regularly listen to podcasts on politics and current events (38%), humor (36%), and health (28%).

Podcast sponsorship

For B2SMB marketers with sponsored podcasts, there’s good news: 50% of SMBs have a more positive impression of the companies that sponsor the podcasts they listen to, and 44% have made a purchase because of that sponsorship. More than half (53%) consider podcasts an important way to learn about products and services for their business.

Podcasts: The deeper dive

In our webcast, you’ll learn more about:

  • Whether SMBs listen to vendor-produced podcasts
  • The industries from which SMBs most want to hear podcasts
  • The podcast topics that generate the most SMB interest
  • How much time SMBs spend listening to podcasts (and consuming 10 other media types)
  • How long SMBs want podcasts to be

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