Bredin Report: Peer Advice in Content Ranks High for Entire Sales Cycle

In survey after survey, small and midsized business (SMB) owners say they trust their peers more than any other source of information during the research and purchase process.

In a recent Bredin study, SMBs ranked information sources for each stage of the sales cycle.

But SMBs don’t just talk to their peers about products and services. They crave peer perspective on tactics to improve decision making, employee productivity, profitability, collaboration and other business management challenges.

As the conduit of this information, smart SMB marketers take advantage of SMBs’ predisposition to trust their peers and the brand-building benefits that go with delivering this information.

The benefits of research-based content include:

  • Access to coveted peer advice
  • Creation of content that stands out
  • Supports SEO
  • Reinforces your brand position as a trusted advisor

Wondering what type of content works best at various stages of the sales cycle? Bredin’s SMB research points to the following online formats.

The challenge for many marketers is the cost and time to conduct SMB research. Bredin can help. Our SMB Pulse is a monthly shared-client survey of 500 U.S. SMB principals that delivers affordable survey results in three weeks. Bredin’s SMB-focused editorial team can also help you turn your data into high-impact content.

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