Bredin Report: Good Videos Attract, Nurture and Convert SMBs

Video is an essential part of any content initiative targeting the SMB market. When it’s done right, video works to attract leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy.

Bredin’s recent research found that SMBs cite videos as a top content format at every stage of the sales cycle. Specifically, at the awareness stage – i.e. to first learn about your products and services – 56% of SMBs are very or somewhat likely to use video on your site (and 46%, a video on YouTube). Companies with 20 to 99 employees in particular are more likely to use video on your site to learn about your products than any other source of information.

Video also rates highly at the product research stage. 60% of SMBs are very or somewhat likely to use video on a vendor’s site to research their offerings (and 48%, a video on YouTube). In aggregate, video rates third out of 22 information sources we surveyed.

And finally, video also rates highly at the purchase stage – i.e. to make a final product or service decision – ranking second overall (and first among companies with 100 to 500 employees). 54% of SMBs are somewhat or very likely to use video on a vendor’s site to make a final purchase decision (and 40%, a video on YouTube).

The net: Video is an essential content format to engage SMBs.

Knowing that video works may be the easy part. The tougher question is what type and length of video will best engage your audience.


Short videos (60 to 90 seconds) are hands-down winners, so it has never been more important to have a well-defined objective that helps you keep a video brief. Are you looking to educate, communicate your understanding of SMB challenges, demonstrate ROI, prove that you outpace the competition? Be very clear what message you want to communicate if you want to keep things short.


Will your video complement other content by providing a visual experience for information communicated another way, or is it going to present different information than other content on your site, in social media, or wherever you will show it?

Production value

The ubiquity of videos does not mean that quality standards have dropped. Even if your target SMB watches videos with low production quality in their personal life, they will still hold you to a high standard when they evaluate you as a potential vendor.


Animated videos are currently in vogue and may be the right option. However, they are not always the right format. For product videos, your best results may come from a well-done talking head accompanied by some animation. For nurture or closing the most powerful option can be a case study that drives home how other SMBs have benefited from your product or service.

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