Bredin Report: Reconsidering Direct Mail in the Online Age

As the cost of search terms and online ads rises and response rates decline, direct mail (DM) is emerging as a go-to tool for SMB marketers.

Why? Two reasons. First, online advertising is increasingly expensive, and the performance of online tactics is becoming more difficult to predict. Second, new technology has made DM an even more powerful tool.

  • Online still works – after all, you’re reading this email – but SMB marketers are experimenting with DM, or optimizing their DM campaigns, because:
    New technology allows very small print runs of highly customized mailers. CRM systems can now drive triggered drip mailings. For example, if a customer doesn’t open three consecutive emails, a CRM system can be set up to automatically mail them a postcard or catalog.
  • DM campaigns are highly measurable. With personalized or customized landing page URLs, phone extensions or offer codes, you can track exactly how many responses your DM campaign drives, and how much revenue it generates.
  • DM gets results. While estimates for how many ads the average consumer sees each day range from the hundreds to the thousands, the few tangible pieces of mail that come into an SMB owner’s mailbox make an impact. While your DM program results may vary – and response rates depend on the list and the offer, not just the format – DM can be a very profitable SMB sales channel

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