Bredin Report: How to create an email newsletter SMBs want

Small and midsized business (SMBs) use emails from vendors like you to get business advice and to decide what to buy. 63% of SMB principals in a recent Bredin survey cited email newsletters from vendors as their most-preferred content format. And close to half reported that they are more likely do business with a company if they receive its newsletter.

Bredin’s email newsletters typically outperform industry norms since we understand the content formats, topics, style and design that compel SMBs to subscribe to and read a newsletter.

Here is some of the intelligence that informs Bredin’s SMB email newsletter writing and design for clients.

SMB email newsletter habits

Understanding how SMBs find and consume newsletters is essential to attaining your email newsletter goals. Some of the habits SMBs shared with Bredin in our most recent research include:

  • 76% read email newsletters on a PC, as opposed to a mobile device
  • Half of SMBs with 20 or more employees prefer a weekly newsletter. Companies with 19 or fewer employees prefer monthly.
  • The top three places SMBs sign up for email newsletters are on vendor websites, at events, and via an email forwarded to them by a peer.

Email newsletter priorities

According to our research, SMBs want these three things from your email newsletter:

  • Well-written (defined as easy to understand)
  • Provides information on your products or services
  • Includes business-building advice or tips

Elements that encourage sharing

A great way to boost the impact of your email newsletter program is to motivate your subscribers to share it with their peers. The trigger to get SMBs to share your email newsletter depends very much on the size of the company:

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