Bredin Report: Why SMB marketers are turning to accelerated research

We’re getting more and more requests for quick-turn research from SMB marketers. They want fast market insight to improve their sales, marketing, products, and customer experience — or to generate data for content, collateral, and PR programs.
While expedited research isn’t optimal for every research goal, it’s an increasingly popular tool to:

1. Make your SMB-facing content and collateral stand out.

Bredin research shows that SMBs rate advice from their peers higher than any other source of information at every stage of the sales cycle. Conducting research lets you provide SMBs with peer insight, so they can get ideas from or benchmark themselves against their peers. Data-driven content and collateral positions you as an SMB advocate, demonstrates that you understand SMB pain points, shows how SMBs benefit from your offerings, and makes your programs stand out from the pack.

2. Generate media interest.

Business reporters are always looking for new stories. A survey of SMBs on their business outlook or challenges, attitudes towards tax or regulatory changes, experience with or planned use of different offerings, or other areas of interest is a great way to generate awareness of your company, offerings, and support of SMBs.

3. Clarify SMB preferences.

Quick-turn research isn’t just for outbound programs. It’s a great way to get actionable insight to inform and improve product strategy, media, and messaging, and the customer experience. Recent quick-turn Bredin surveys have unearthed:

  • Customer ROI from a client’s product
  • Client and key competitor brand awareness, perception, and Net Promoter Score®
  • Product purchase intent, usage, spend, and satisfaction
  • Media and message preferences
  • Business outlook and challenges
  • Hiring and credit preferences
  • The optimal frequency, format, and topic for various types of content

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About Bredin

Bredin was founded in 1991 by America's foremost small business expert, author and syndicated columnist Alice Bredin. From its beginning, Bredin was designed to be a breed apart: 50% research consultancy, 50% creative agency, 100% focused on SMB. Based in Somerville, Mass., Bredin helps Fortune 500 companies understand, reach and retain SMB customers through timely, targeted research and award-winning marketing programs.