Bredin Report: Content Planning for 4Q

What SMBs want to learn in 4Q

If you’re developing your content calendar for the rest of the year, there are a few key themes you can use to provide content that matters to SMBs. While SMBs look to you first and foremost for advice relevant to your brand – for example financial management advice from banks, or customer acquisition tips from marketing services providers – these general topics are all timely, relevant and helpful to SMBs. Content on these themes demonstrates that you understand their concerns, and are committed to helping them succeed.


Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on Florida, a good reminder that September is preparedness month. It’s an apt time to present content that helps business owners prepare for disasters – not only hurricanes but fires, floods, earthquakes and other calamities that can strike at any time. According to FEMA, 40% to 60% of businesses never recover from a disaster, so your tips on how to survive a disaster could save a small business.


Cybersecurity awareness month was created to highlight a specific kind of disaster: a cyberattack. While these attacks can take many forms – stealing IP, holding IT hostage with ransomware, or draining bank accounts – and can happen to any size business, SMBs are in an especially bad position: they are typically very vulnerable to cyberattacks, and they don’t believe they are targets. Verizon research shows that 43% of all cyberattacks target SMBs, while a Keeper survey found that SMBs do not prioritize cybersecurity, in part because they underestimate their vulnerability. While this is especially true of older and smaller SMBs, you can provide content that helps all SMBs to better understand their risks, and to take steps to mitigate them.


The Saturday after Black Friday (this year, November 30) is Small Business Saturday. While the “Shop Small” focus is on retailers – and most of your content should provide business-building tips for them – you can use the opportunity to provide tips for all SMBs to take advantage of their size to provide excellent customer service.


Did you know that December is Write a Business Plan month? While this may not be what December is best known for (National Tie Month anyone?), it’s a good time to encourage SMBs to take some time to plan for 2020 – even if they are busy with holiday sales or end-of-year tax planning. According to Palo Alto Software, companies with business plans are roughly twice as likely to achieve their goals as those without. So your content prompting them to plan can significantly contribute to their success – and their perception of you as a trusted advisor.

Want your content to stand out?

Regardless of the topic, one key to effective content is data. Survey data differentiates your content, makes it more valuable, and demonstrates relevance to SMBs. Bredin can help, with affordable, quick turn or full-service custom research. Contact Bredin to learn more.

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