Bredin Report: How SMB data improves content planning

When your content team understands what motivates SMBs to research and buy, they’ll be better prepared to prioritize, plan and create strong advisory content. Bredin research shows a significant variation between what prompts various SMB subsegments to buy, and in the content that engages them during the sales process.

Consider what the data below says about how you should shape messaging and select content formats in 2021.

Purchase motivators

SMB subsegments show significant differences in what spurs them to buy. For example, recent Bredin research showed that 80% of businesses with fewer than 20 employees say excellent customer service is extremely or very important. In contrast, 86% of companies with 100 to 500 employees place a priority on finding new customers. Industry can also be a driver of how SMBs prioritize aspects of what you offer.

How important are each of these product or service benefits, when you are considering buying something for your business? (% extremely or very important)

Key product benefits by company size


Is your target SMB reader excited about how your offering can help them quickly achieve their business goals? Or is your offering a lower priority, and perhaps requires some effort to purchase and implement? Insight into how your target regards the purchase process should inform your content plans. Bredin research finds that purchase intent is often tied to business size.

What is your best guess as to when you will do each
of these things for your business?

Product purchase outlook by company size

See the complete list of business priorities here.

Sales cycle stage

The content format that SMBs prefer shifts dramatically depending on where they are in the buying process. For example, our research found that businesses with 100 to 500 employees are very likely to use online video when they are looking for a SaaS solution. Smaller companies are more inclined to use search, or turn to peers for advice.

How likely are you to first learn about products or services for your business via each of these specific content formats / information sources from vendors?
(% very likely)

SMB Awareness Assets

Top content formats for product discover by company size

Bredin can help you develop high-value content to boost SMB awareness, brand perception, leads, conversion and revenue. We can also conduct quick-turn, actionable market research to provide insight into your audience’s content preferences, or to generate data for use in high-value content and PR programs.

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