Bredin Report: Accelerating Tech Sales to SMBs

Each month, we survey 500 SMB principals to keep track of their evolving needs and priorities. We recently asked how they feel about technology in general, what motivates them to buy, and what would get them to buy sooner.

Tech-forward purchasers

SMBs are very different in their fundamental attitudes towards technology. For example, larger SMBs are much more likely to see technology as essential to their business success than smaller SMBs. Likewise, younger SMB principals are more likely to be early adopters than their older peers, as are younger companies relative to more established businesses.

Tech adoption approach by company size

Which of these statements best describes your company’s attitude towards technology?

Optimizing your messaging

As important as knowing your audience is understanding the messaging that will best resonate with them. Here again, what matters most to SMBs depends on a variety of factors, such as company size.

Optimizing your marketing message for each company size

How important are each of these product or service benefits, when you are considering buying something for your business? (top five)

While your benefit set obviously depends on your offering, it’s essential to understand which of the benefits you provide resonates best with your audience, so you can communicate with them most effectively.

Removing purchase barriers

Many SMBs have already pulled technology purchases forward as a result of COVID-19. However, many more SMBs will be in the market for technology as the economy rebounds. Providing a free trial can be a strong inducement to making a purchase; more than half of companies with fewer than 100 employee rate that as the most likely to get them to buy. SMBs with 100 to 500 employees most want to understand how they will benefit from your offerings, so make it easy for them to assess productivity gains, cost savings, or however you can help them achieve their business goals.

Ways to make Small business more likely to buy

What could companies do to make you more likely to buy – or to make it easier to buy – from them?

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