Fastcast: SMB Business Outlook and Spending Plans


What is the SMB business outlook, and how confident are they about spending, hiring and expanding as the pandemic wanes? What are their priorities and concerns? What technology do they use, and what do they plan to buy? What are the key differences in SMB outlook and spending plans by size and country?

You’ll learn:

  • The current SMB state of mind: business outlook, operational status, and expected time to return to ‘normal’
  • SMB priorities and challenges
  • Key application usage and purchase plans – including the specific SaaS solutions they plan to adopt
  • Credit usage and intent – including traditional banks vs. fintech
  • Job board usage and intent – including the specific sites they plan to use
  • The tech brands that SMBs trust most
  • Key differences among respondents by company size, country and more

Full webcast recording here.

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