Bredin Report: 4 Reasons to Prioritize Research in an Uncertain Economy

Economic uncertainty can cause SMBs to reassess their spending plans. As a result, SMB marketers need to sharpen their marketing strategies and messaging.

Market research gives you a path through uncertainty. It provides profitable insights both for prospecting and customer retention. Specifically, research lets you:

Boost marketing ROI
Research provides essential guidance for your media and messaging strategy by highlighting:

  • 2023 purchase plans, including the segments – by size, industry, role and more – that offer the highest potential
  • The buying process – e.g., who’s involved, how long it takes, purchase triggers
  • What works best for onboarding, activation and retention
  • Which information sources work best to reach SMBs at each stage of the sales cycle
  • Customer satisfaction, defection propensity

Increase product relevance
Research into the product preferences of your SMB target can increase sales and retention by revealing:

  • The features that SMBs value most
  • Cost/benefit trade-offs
  • Service expectations and challenges
  • How the user experience aligns with expectations

Increase your sales competitiveness
Research is increasingly essential for sales support. It can uncover:

  • The sales tactics that SMBs prefer
  • The offers that move a prospect from consideration to purchase
  • The business benefits of your product or service, for use in sales collateral

Enhance your outreach
SMBs trust their peer business owners more than any other source of information for advice on what to buy for their business. Research data lets you take advantage of their desire for peer insight and benchmarking data, which you can use to develop high-value thought leadership content to support PR, social and content campaigns.

Need help understanding and/or engaging your SMB target? Bredin can keep you up to date on evolving SMB needs and challenges through quick-turn, actionable market research. We can also help you develop high-value content and social posts to boost SMB awareness, brand perception, leads, conversion and revenue.

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