Bredin Report: How to Appeal to Your Target SMB

Since the beginning of the year, the Bredin Report has featured data on key SMB priorities and preferences. We’ve illuminated what SMBs want during the sale process, how to granularize messaging for the best results and ways to deepen your connection with your SMB target.

This week, we present four of our most popular Bredin Reports to highlight the importance of these SMB marketing insights.

What SMBs Want in a SaaS Vendor

SMBs that use or are looking to adapt SaaS solutions are keen on learning how to optimize use of those cloud applications. In a Bredin SMB Pulse survey, we uncovered insights about what SMBs look for in a SaaS vendor and the types of offers and promotions that move them to convert.

Q&A: Why Industry Marketing to SMBs WorksPaul Hock Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Industry-based insights can help you be more strategic about who you should — and should not — be targeting with your marketing initiatives. We recently talked with Paul Hock of VerticalIQ about the power of gaining an in-depth understanding of your customers and prospects.

Why You Should Be Talking to SMBs 

When was the last time you talked to SMB buyers who fit your target profile? In-depth interviews (IDIs) are a valuable research tool that can reveal insights about your customers’ motivations, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. Learn how they can help you improve your SMB engagement and acquisition strategy.

The Importance of Prioritizing Research in an Uncertain Economy

In an uncertain economy, many SMBs reassess their spending plans. Research can give you essential guidance that can help you increase your product relevance, improve your competitive positioning, enhance your outreach and boost your ROI.

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