Fastcast: The SMB AI Opportunity

The SMB AI Opportunity

AI is taking the world by storm. What are its implications for SMBs, and how can marketers help entrepreneurs adopt and use it most effectively?

In this fast-paced and informative webcast, you’ll learn new research and insights on:

  • Where SMBs are in the adoption cycle – i.e., who the early adopters are, and who are laggards
  • How early adopters are using AI
  • How satisfied early adopters are with AI
  • How significant a contribution early adopters feel AI has already made to their businesses
  • The specific benefits early adopters are getting from AI
  • The challenges early adopters face with AI implementation
  • How early adopters have deployed AI
  • How late adopters – i.e., those who are investigating or interested in AI – anticipate using AI
  • How late adopters expect to implement, and benefit from, AI
  • What late adopters see as AI implementation challenges
  • How many – and what kind of – SMBs have company AI usage policies
  • Why the SMBs who simply aren’t interested in AI are holding off

If you’ve enjoyed our Bredin Report series on AI, you’ll love this walkthrough of this deep-dive research.

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