Fastcast: What SMBs Want in a Payments Solution

What SMBs Want in a Payments Solution

The world of payments is changing rapidly. What do these changes mean for SMBs, and how can your company best position and promote its payment solutions?

In this new research, What SMBs Want in a Payments Solution, you’ll learn:

  • What SMBs accept for payments today – and how payment acceptance is changing
  • Which payment platforms SMBs are using – and which they intend to use going forward
  • The concerns SMBs have with the payments solutions they use today
  • The growth outlook for payments solutions (hint: it’s huge)
  • The percent of SMBs who have lost a sale because they don’t accept a customer’s preferred payment method
  • How important customer payment preferences are in driving payment adoption
  • What triggers an SMB to start looking for a new payment solution
  • What’s important to an SMB when looking for a payment solution
  • The payment solution costs to which SMBs are most attuned
  • The information sources SMBs use to learn about and make a purchase decision on payment solutions – in other words, what your media plan should prioritize
  • Who SMBs want to buy a payment solution from (hint: banks rate highly)
  • The offer that is most effective to get SMBs to make a purchase

You’ll get valuable insights into what SMBs want in a payments solution, and how your company can boost adoption and usage of your payment solutions.

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