Fastcast: Engaging SMBs via a Resource Center

Content marketing to SMBs is a challenge. What topics are they most interested in? What formats do they prefer? What mix of advice and product information do they want? How often should you update content to keep them coming back to your blog or resource center?

In this new research, Engaging SMBs via a Resource Center, you’ll learn:

  • How often SMBs visit a resource center
  • The topics SMBs want to learn about on a resource center
  • The content formats that SMBs prefer
  • The ideal mix of advisory content and product information in a resource center
  • The industries from which SMBs most want business management advice
  • How much time SMBs spend on a typical visit to a resource center
  • How many elements SMBs engage with on a typical resource center visit
  • What drives SMBs to visit a resource center
  • The things SMBs want most in a resource center
  • The effect of a resource center on visits to the product or service section of your site, and on brand perception and sales
  • How SMBs rate the value of 34 leading resource centers from leading marketers such as AmEx, Bank of America, Capital One, FedEx, GoDaddy, Intuit, Microsoft, PayPal and many more

You’ll get valuable insights into what SMBs want in a resource center, and how you can boost traffic to and the value of your resource center.

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