Bredin Report: Q2-3’s Most Valuable SMB Research

SMB priorities and plans are always evolving, which is why Bredin polls 500 SMB principals every month. In case you missed any of our recent monthly data reveals on AI, payments, or resource centers, see a recap below.

Up next from us: more on SMB AI plans, security solutions purchase intent and payroll purchase plans. Get in touch so that Bredin can help you with your custom SMB research needs.

AI Research: Highlights

  • Why AI tops the list of SMBs’ application purchase plans
  • AI usage by SMB company size
  • Top business benefits from AI use
  • AI implementation challenges for SMBs

How SMBs are Benefitting from AIRead our blogs detailing Bredin’s AI research or contact us for a comprehensive presentation of our findings.

Payments Research: Highlights

  • SMB payment solutions purchase intent
  • What prompts SMBs to look for a new payment solution
  • Top features SMBs want in a payment solution
  • Levers for closing a payment solution sale with an SMB

Read our blogs detailing Bredin’s payments research or connect with us for a comprehensive presentation of our findings.

Resource Center Research: Highlights

  • often SMBs visit resource centers and how long they spend there
  • Best content formats to engage SMBs on a resource center
  • Priority topics for an SMB resource center
  • Why resource centers should include product information

Read our blogs detailing Bredin’s resource center research or connect with us for a comprehensive presentation of our findings.

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