Bredin Report: Why SMBs do – and don’t – update IT security

Bredin recently surveyed 500 SMB principals about what holds them back from improving IT security and how they can be compelled to act.

The biggest reason SMBs cite for not improving company cybersecurity is inertia. Regardless of business size, most SMBs say they won’t invest in IT security this year because they are satisfied with the status quo.

The second reason for inaction for companies with 99 or fewer employees is the cost of IT security. For bigger SMBs, with 100 to 500 employees, the cost and effort to implement and manage multiple components is the second most cited impediment.

What keeps SMBs from improving their IT security

When we asked SMBs what would compel them to act on their IT security, the top answer was fear of financial loss – regardless of company size.

However, SMBs with fewer than 20 employees are equally likely to be motivated by compliance requirements and a need to protect customer data. For their larger peers, protecting customer data is the second-biggest concern.

What motivates SMBs to improve their IT security

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