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About Bredin

Bredin was founded in 1991 by America's foremost small business expert, author and syndicated columnist Alice Bredin. From its beginning, Bredin was designed to be a breed apart: 50% research consultancy, 50% creative agency, 100% focused on SMB. Based in Somerville, Mass., Bredin helps Fortune 500 companies understand, reach and retain SMB customers through timely, targeted research and award-winning marketing programs.

Bredin Report: Engaging SMBs with Social Media

On a recent Bredin Fastcast, we talked with Kendall Walters, Campaign Content Manager at social media management platform Hootsuite, about the ways companies can engage small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with social media. Hootsuite has more than 210,000 paid accounts and millions of users, ranging from SMBs to large enterprises. Walters discussed a recent campaign

Bredin Report: Who is the Most Trusted SMB Brand?

We just finished fielding an SMB Pulse survey of 500 principals of U.S. companies with up to 500 employees. One of the most interesting questions we asked is how much trust SMBs have in leading brands, not only to see how brands rate but to see how brand trust changes over time. And the winner is: Visa,

November 2021 Brand Trust

Note: Response options were “Trust very much,” “Trust somewhat,” “Do not trust” and “No opinion / don’t know this brand.” Percents shown above are the sum of “Trust very much” and “Trust somewhat.” Lower top-two box trust scores may be caused by low trust and/or low brand awareness. Want to learn more? Contact Bredin for more detail on

Bredin Report: The SMB Business Outlook

We just finished fielding an SMB Pulse survey of 500 principals of U.S. companies with up to 500 employees, and the results are encouraging: SMBs are feeling significantly more optimistic than just six months ago. Business outlook SMBs generally expect a good 2021. Three in four expect to grow versus 2020: 19% by single digits,

Bredin Report: What Prompts SMBs to Start Shopping?

The funnel is the most common metaphor for the SMB buying process. But what gets an SMB into that funnel in the first place? In other words, what motivates them to begin assessing products and services for their business? To find out, we surveyed over 800 SMBs in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New

Fastcast: Engaging SMBs with Content and Social

Engaging SMBs with Content and Social from Bredin, Inc. Watch the entire Fastcast recording featuring a conversation with Kendall Walters, Campaign Content Manager at Hootsuite, on using content and social to engage SMBs.

Fastcast: Capturing the Attention of SMBs

Capturing the Attention of SMBs from Bredin, Inc. In this fast-paced and informative webcast, you’ll learn: The events or triggers prompt SMBs to start investigating new products or services Who within the SMB organization initiates product research in key categories Which specific information sources SMBs use to learn about products and services for their business The publications, newsletters, sites

Bredin Report: What Content Formats Drive Awareness?

One of the questions we get most often is which content formats work best at each stage of the sales cycle – and especially, which kinds of content moves SMBs into the top of the sales funnel. To get the most current insights – on this and much more – we recently surveyed over 800

Bredin Report: When do SMBs Hire Key Roles?

We recently surveyed over 800 SMBs in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand on how they learn about product and services for their businesses, which we’ll present in our next Fastcast at 1pmE on Thursday, August 12. One of the interesting findings from this new research is when SMBs bring on key roles,

Fastcast: SMB Business Outlook and Spending Plans

SMB Business Outlook and Spending Plans from Bredin, Inc.   What is the SMB business outlook, and how confident are they about spending, hiring and expanding as the pandemic wanes? What are their priorities and concerns? What technology do they use, and what do they plan to buy? What are the key differences in SMB