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Fastcast: Engaging SMBs via a Resource Center

Content marketing to SMBs is a challenge. What topics are they most interested in? What formats do they prefer? What mix of advice and product information do they want? How often should you update content to keep them coming back to your blog or resource center? In this new research, Engaging SMBs via a Resource Center,

Fastcast: What SMBs Want in a Payments Solution

The world of payments is changing rapidly. What do these changes mean for SMBs, and how can your company best position and promote its payment solutions? In this new research, What SMBs Want in a Payments Solution, you’ll learn: What SMBs accept for payments today – and how payment acceptance is changing Which payment platforms SMBs are using – and which they intend to use going forward The concerns SMBs have with the

Fastcast: The SMB AI Opportunity

AI is taking the world by storm. What are its implications for SMBs, and how can marketers help entrepreneurs adopt and use it most effectively? In this fast-paced and informative webcast, you’ll learn new research and insights on: Where SMBs are in the adoption cycle – i.e., who the early adopters are, and who are laggards

Fastcast: SMB Application Purchase Plans and Information Sources

In this fast-paced and informative webcast, you’ll learn new research and insights on: The applications SMBs use, and what they plan to acquire in 2023 What motivates SMBs to investigate new applications What SMBs want in an application – i.e., what the key application purchase considerations are The information sources they use to learn about,

Fastcast: SMB Overview, Outlook and Challenges

In this fast-paced and informative webcast, you’ll learn new research and insights on: How SMB is defined SMB firmographics How many SMBs are in each major industry The changing rate of business formation How optimistic SMBs are about their business prospects Which challenges keep SMBs up at night How concerned SMBs are about inflation, interest

Fastcast: 4 Ways to Use Data in SMB Content

In this fast-paced and informative Q&A, you’ll learn how to use research-based insights to boost the reach and performance of your SMB content, including: Which content formats work best at each stage of the sales cycle How to devise a research narrative to support your company messaging and SMB priorities What type of data works

Fastcast: Email Marketing to SMBs – What’s Working Now

In this webcast, you’ll learn: The best stage of the sales cycle for email promotions and newsletters Email tactics to engage SMBs Common pitfalls to avoid Subject line tips to increase open rates Ideal sending days/frequencies Small changes that make a big impact Best practices in: List development and permissions management Copy length Use of

Fastcast: The Benefits of Industry Marketing to SMBs

In this webcast, you’ll learn: The advantages of marketing to SMBs by industry How to define “industry” – e.g., at the two-digit or six-digit NAICS level How many industries an organization can target effectively Whether a product or service must be tailored to a specific industry to be sold effectively What it takes to sell

Fastcast: Moving SMBs through the Sales Cycle

In this fast-paced and informative webcast, you’ll learn how important 42 different information sources are for awareness, research and purchase, including: Content formats such as analyst reports, articles, blog posts, case studies, email newsletters and webcasts Individuals such as CFOs, CPAs, influencers, peers and your sales reps Online resources such as search, rating and review

Fastcast: Selling SaaS to SMBs

In this webcast, Selling SaaS to SMBs, you’ll learn: The applications SMBs use – in the cloud and on-premises SMB plans to migrate on-premises apps to the cloud New cloud and on-premises application adoption plans SaaS application considerations, adoption drivers and benefits Preferred purchase channel How many – and what kind of – SMBs have