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Bredin Report: 7 Secrets of Marketing SaaS to SMBs

At SaaStr — an outdoor event with a Coachella-meets-the-Consumer-Electronics-Show (CES) feel held in San Mateo, CA, last week — Zomentum CEO Shruti Ghatge and Chief Marketer Shannon Murphy shared “7 Secrets of Influencing and Winning Over SMB Technology Decision Makers.” Zomentum commissioned Bredin to survey SMBs about what they want in a SaaS vendor. The full results

Bredin Report: Partnering for SMB Acquisition

At LEND360 in Chicago on Monday 9/12, Bredin CEO Stu Richards will moderate a panel on partnering to acquire SMB customers. While the specific focus will be on acquiring borrowers, the principles of partnering for SMB customer acquisition apply to any industry. For a preview of the panel discussion – and to bring you hard-won

Bredin Report: The Myths that Contribute to SMB Churn

Regardless of where the economy is headed, competition for SMB customers will continue to be fierce. Protecting your customer base requires understanding the drivers of churn – and looking beyond some of the common myths around SMB behaviors. For example: It’s a common misconception that at SMBs, there is one purchase decision-maker. In fact, Bredin

Bredin Report: Q&A – When is Agile Research Appropriate?

In a recent Bredin Fastcast, Bredin CEO Stu Richards spoke with founder and president Alice Bredin about the benefits of agile research for actionable SMB insight. This lightly edited recap provides an overview of the value of agile research in product and creative development, as well as for PR, content, SEO, event and sales support

Bredin Report: Is Agile Research Right for You?

One of the first things we do to help our clients understand SMB needs and preferences is work with them to determine how best to conduct research. The format we recommend depends on their research goals, budget and time requirements. In brief, there are three main types of primary market research: Qualitative research (“qual”) consists of

Bredin Report: Challenges and Opportunities in Online Lending to SMBs

On a recent Bredin Fastcast, we talked with Jim Granat, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of OnDeck, about trends in SMB online lending. OnDeck is part of the Enova portfolio of brands, which has helped more than seven million customers access more than $40 billion in loans and financing. Granat has worked in the lending

Bredin Report: Engaging SMBs – What’s Working Now

At Bredin, we track SMB priorities and preferences to help our clients increase insight and engagement. In case you missed them, here are highlights from our recent newsletters and research. Fastcast: Five Common SMB Market Research Mistakes Bredin CEO Stu Richards shares common research missteps and how your organization can avoid them. Find out how

Bredin Report: Q&A: The Power of Podcasts and Webinars to Engage SMBs

On a recent Bredin Fastcast we talked with Rob Parsons, Manager, Brand and Content at Paychex, about how to use podcasts and webinars to connect with SMBs. Paychex has three ongoing podcast series for human resources (HR) professionals: PULSE, which features Parsons interviewing business leaders on HR trends and best practices; THRIVE, a weekly HR

Bredin Report: How SMBs Research Your Offerings, by Industry and Age

One of the questions we get most often is which resources small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) use to learn about products and services for their business. Our clients want data-driven recommendations on where they should be promoting themselves at the consideration stage of the sales cycle. To find out, we recently fielded an SMB Pulse

Bredin Report: What Content Works Best for SMB Research?

As a content agency, we are always interested in which formats work best to help our clients move small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) through the sales cycle. To find out, we recently fielded an SMB Pulse survey of 500 principals of U.S. companies with up to 500 employees. Specifically, we looked at the research stage