Bredin Report: How SMBs Promote Themselves

We recently surveyed 500 U.S. SMB principals to find out which media works best to find customers and where they’ll direct spending in 2024. While the top tactics vary by company headcount, “company website” is consistently the best performer – it’s rated either first or second-most effective by all respondents. Word of mouth, email, and content marketing

Bredin Report: SMB IT Security Concerns & Practices

We recently surveyed 500 SMB principals to learn about their IT security concerns, how they implement an IT security solution, and how often they conduct security audits. Top IT security concerns vary by company size. Very small businesses (VSBs, with fewer than 20 employees) and small businesses (SBs, with 20 to 99 employees) are most

Bredin Report: What SMBs Want in an IT Security Solution

We recently surveyed 500 SMB principals to find out what’s important to them in an IT security solution. As is so often the case, their priorities vary by headcount. Very small businesses (VSBs, with fewer than 20 employees) and small businesses (SBs, with 20 to 99 employees) most want a solution that protects against ransomware and malware.

Bredin Report: How Do SMBs Buy IT Security?

IT Security: SMB Principals Make the Call Many SMBs plan to make IT security purchases this year, according to our recent survey of 500 SMB principals. To understand how security vendors can reach SMBs effectively, we asked them who leads the decision-making process and what sources they use to stay current on security issues. Regardless of company headcount, the

Bredin Report: Why SMBs do – and don’t – update IT security

Bredin recently surveyed 500 SMB principals about what holds them back from improving IT security and how they can be compelled to act. The biggest reason SMBs cite for not improving company cybersecurity is inertia. Regardless of business size, most SMBs say they won’t invest in IT security this year because they are satisfied with the status quo. The

Bredin Report: What SMBs Want From Vendors

Bredin recently surveyed 500 SMBs about what they want in the products and services they buy for their business and found the benefits they prefer vary by company size. Very small businesses (VSBs, with fewer than 20 employees) most want to buy from vendors with excellent customer service. After that, they want solutions that boost productivity and

Bredin Report: SMB Purchase Decision Timing

Bredin recently surveyed 500 U.S.-based SMB principals about the time it takes to make a purchase decision in 18 common product/service categories. We found that purchase timing varies widely, from an average of 47 business days for internet access to 96 for a retirement plan. Retirement plans, health and life insurance, products to hire and recruit, and

Bredin Report: SMB Tech Purchase Channel Preferences

Many SMBs plan to purchase technology this year. Our most recent SMB Pulse survey of 500 U.S.-based principals reveals where they want to buy: mostly online or in a company-branded store, but preferences vary by product category. SMBs strongly prefer to buy software online. 53% pick it as their preferred channel, and fewer than 20% of SMBs cite any

Bredin Report: SMB Tech Purchase Priorities

PCs, laptops, and desktops are a top-priority SMB hardware purchase, according to our most recent Pulse survey of 500 U.S.-based SMB principals. Close to two-thirds of very small businesses (VSBs, with fewer than 20 employees), and more than four in five small businesses (SBs, with 20 to 99 employees) and midsized businesses (MBs, with 100 to 500

Bredin Report: Why Some SMBs Don’t Want AI

For some SMBs — especially the smallest, with fewer than 20 employees — AI holds little appeal. Of the 250 very small businesses (VSBs, with fewer than 20 employees) we surveyed in our recent SMB Pulse, 91 said they aren’t interested in AI, as did 18 of the 150 small businesses (SBs, with 20 to 99