The Bredin SMB Finance Pulse

The Bredin SMB Finance Pulse is a quarterly survey of a representative national sample of SMB financial decision-makers. This shared-cost research gives you fast, cost-effective survey results from a population that can be cost-prohibitive with full custom research.

Who participates

The Bredin SMB Finance Pulse survey delivers responses from 500 financial decision-makers – such as owners, controllers, directors of finance, VPs of finance and CFOs – at:

  • 250 companies with 1 to 19 employees
  • 150 companies with 20 to 99 employees
  • 100 companies with 100 to 500 employees

Bredin research shows that many SMBs don't have a dedicated head of finance, making it difficult to find the right decision-maker. Only 8% of companies with fewer than 20 employees have a full-time head of finance, but this changes as companies grow: 29% of SMBs with 20-99 employees and 23% of SMBs with 100-500 employees do have such leadership. Whether they're the owner, the CFO, a VP or director of finance, controller, or working under a different title, the Bredin SMB Finance Pulse gives you insight from SMB financial decision-makers.

With the Bredin SMB Finance Pulse, you can quickly and inexpensively:

  • Assess brand, product or ad awareness
  • Conduct longitudinal or tracking research on a regular basis
  • Assess demand for credit, checking and other services
  • Determine behaviors, usage or satisfaction
  • Generate data for high-value content marketing, social and / or PR campaigns; or for collateral development
  • Get reactions to new product features, bundles and pricing
  • Identify media preferences and purchase drivers
  • Test ad, message, name, logo or product concepts
  • Uncover competitive marketing activity, brand / product perception, usage, satisfaction and purchase intent

How it works

  • The Bredin SMB Finance Pulse is fielded in the middle of each quarter
  • You can submit your 10 questions in a variety of formats such as yes/no, single and multiple select, ranking, rating or open-ended. Questions can include simple branching, skipping or piping.
  • JPEG or GIF images can be included for $150 each. The maximum file size is 60K, and maximum image dimensions are 600x800 pixels.
  • Customized cross-tabs and data files are available for an additional fee
  • Open-ended responses will be included in the data file. Coding is available for an additional fee.

What you get

  • The ability to add 10 custom questions, on any topic you like
  • As much assistance developing or reviewing your questionnaire as you would like
  • Fielding status updates
  • Raw survey data, at your request (Excel format)
  • A PowerPoint deck with an executive summary, weighted data slides for each question, and detailed significance test results for each question, including by company size (headcount and revenue), age, industry, location (state and urban vs rural) and growth outlook; as well as the respondent age and gender
  • A conference call walk-through of the survey results
  • Complete privacy and ownership of your data – we don't use or share your survey data

Bredin SMB Finance Pulse options

As an SMB-focused research and content marketing agency, Bredin is uniquely qualified to deliver high-value SMB insight and outreach programs. Contact us to discuss:

  • Custom research – if you need to reach a different audience, for example by title, company size or location; or want an in-depth assessment of topics such as personas, buyer journeys, product concepts and media preferences.
  • Developing marketing or sales support content such as articles, blog posts, collateral, infographics, interactive tools and webcasts – based on your Pulse data. We can also host webcasts presenting your research results.
  • Multi-survey discounts

Timing and participation

WaveQuestions dueSurvey fieldedData provided
November5pmE Thursday 11/1411/15-29Friday 12/13

To participate in the Bredin SMB Finance Pulse, just send us an email.

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