Bredin Report: SMB Priorities – Customers, Employees, Cash and Security

In our recent SMB Pulse survey, we asked 500 U.S. business principals about their state of mind and priorities. In brief, the largest SMBs are faring best; and SMBs are focused on customer and employee retention, maintaining cash flow, finding new customers, and data security. 2023 Revenue Outlook Growth expectations increase sharply with company size. Only one

Bredin Report: When and Why SMBs Visit Resource Centers

Business resource centers (BRCs) drive customer loyalty and sales, so it’s important to understand what about them attracts and engages SMBs. Bredin’s recent survey on BRCs — the sections of a site that feature business management tips and advice, as opposed to just product information — provides these insights. The top motivator for an SMB to visit a

Bredin Report: Which Are the Top SMB Resource Centers?

Having a Business Resource Center (BRC) – the section of a site that features business management tips and advice, as opposed to product information – for your SMB audience has many benefits. For one, eight in ten SMBs in a recent Bredin survey said they feel more positive about companies that offer a BRC. Even better, they

Bredin Report: 5 Steps to Create an Effective SMB Brand Tracker

Knowing how your SMB target experiences your brand makes it possible to build on the marketing and sales programs that are working and strengthen those that aren’t. Some companies shy away from brand tracking surveys because they think they are complex to create and cumbersome to manage. They don’t have to be. Here’s how to

Bredin Report: Why You Should Monitor Your Brand

A strong brand means SMBs will pay a premium for your offerings, stay loyal, and even spread the word. It can also lower your cost of customer acquisition. But how do you assess the strength of your brand among SMBs? In this two-part series, we’ll explore brand tracking metrics, methodologies, and best practices. Why Brand

Bredin Report: Q2-3’s Most Valuable SMB Research

SMB priorities and plans are always evolving, which is why Bredin polls 500 SMB principals every month. In case you missed any of our recent monthly data reveals on AI, payments, or resource centers, see a recap below. Up next from us: more on SMB AI plans, security solutions purchase intent and payroll purchase plans. Get in

Bredin Report: How Much Time Do SMBs Spend on Your Resource Center?

How much time does an SMB typically spend on a visit to a resource center? The answer might surprise you. Bredin’s recent survey of 500 U.S.-based principals reveals that close to half of SMBs spend between 10 and 30 minutes. Close to one-third of SMBs commit a full 30 minutes to an hour to the tips, advice

Bredin Report: Why You Need Product Information on Your Resource Center

If you have a resource center on your site, it’s fair to wonder how much, if any, product information it should include alongside your business-building tips and advice. After all, most resource centers are intended to show that you are a source of support and guidance, not just a vendor. However, in our recent SMB Pulse survey of

Bredin Report: Best SMB Content Formats for a Resource Center

SMBs Want Webcasts, Research Reports and Insight What content formats work best to attract and engage SMBs when they visit your resource center? Bredin’s recent survey of 500 U.S.-based principals posed that question to SMBs who regularly visit vendor resource centers. More than half of SMBs visit a resource center — defined as the section of a

Bredin Report: What SMBs Want in a Resource Center

If you have a resource center — a section of your site providing business management advice, as opposed to just product information — it’s important to know what SMBs want to learn from you. Bredin’s most recent SMB Pulse survey of 500 U.S.-based principals reveals that the answer is it depends on the size of the SMB