Bredin Report: Do SMBs Prefer to Buy SaaS from a Vendor or an MSP?

When we surveyed 500 U.S.-based SMB principals, we found that most would rather buy a SaaS solution directly from a vendor than from an IT reseller, consultant or managed service provider (MSP). However, SMBs who prefer to buy indirectly cite implementation support, help in choosing the right solution and training as their top motivators. The likelihood to buy from a third party increases with company size.
Cloud Application Channel Preference

The rationale for buying SaaS solutions through a third party varies by SMB size. MBs are motivated mostly by price, while SMBs with 20 to 99 employees (small businesses, or SBs) are most concerned with training and maintenance. SMBs with fewer than 20 employees (very small businesses, or VSBs) are most concerned with selecting the right solution, and implementing it correctly.

Why SMBs Buy SaaS Solutions from Third Parties

We also asked SMBs whether they have an IT director and/or an outside IT consultant. Not surprisingly, the presence of both increases significantly with company size. SBs and MBs are more likely to have an IT director than an outside IT consultant.

How SMBs Manage IT

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